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Good foundations are vitally important if you want to build your wealth successfully. Our work with clients who are starting to build wealth focuses on ensuring that each and every one of your financial arrangements is geared to help you achieve your long-term life goals.

By combining our insight and expertise with an in-depth understanding of you and your vision for your future, we can help you make good, solid decisions that allow you to secure your future, whether that is through tax planning, financial protection, or investment opportunities. We aim to give you clarity and confidence in your future so that you can go out and achieve it.


How we help

We build our services around your needs – not the other way around. What we do for you will therefore be entirely bespoke, but it may include:

Lifestyle financial planning

Identify what you want your future to look like and position your finances to help you achieve it. Lifestyle financial planning takes as its starting point your big picture goals and creates the foundations you need to achieve them.


Whether you’re a risk averse investor dipping your toe in the market for the first time, or more experienced and adventurous, we’ll help you build and manage a portfolio that is aligned to your objectives and your attitude to risk.

Financial protection

You’re mapping out your life plans but have you stopped to think about what could happen to you and your loved ones in the event of sudden illness, injury, a loss of your ability to earn or death. We’ll help you secure your finances against unplanned events.

Tax planning

Are you earning, saving and investing as tax-efficiently as you could be? With regular changes to tax legislation, it’s hard to keep up. We’ll make you aware of all legitimate opportunities to keep more of your hard-earned cash.


What our clients say

"The most important thing about financial advice is having total trust in the person and knowing they are very experienced in the financial world"

Marie (Belmont, Bolton)

What to expect

We don’t believe in making things hard to understand so we’ve made our process – and our fee schedule – clear and simple.

What to expect


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Ask us a question or arrange a call. We don’t charge for initial meetings and are happy to help you with your enquiries.