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Cashflow planning explained

Cashflow planning helps you visualise your financial future, including alternative scenarios based on future events.

The aim of cashflow planning is to simplify and forecast a complex lifetime stream of money in and money out, while accounting for things like inflation, taxation, and investment growth.

Using cashflow modelling technology gives our clients huge advantages when it comes to making financial decisions.

Working with a Financial Planner who uses cashflow modelling to its fullest extent provides the following benefits:

  • A clear and comprehensive summary of financial arrangements.
  • An income and expenditure analysis, and the planning assumptions used.
  • Highlighting where any future shortfalls may occur, allowing time to take the appropriate steps.
  • Defined goals and objectives, and putting a value on them – how much is enough?
  • An understanding of what clients need to do financially to achieve and maintain financial independence.
  • Adequate provision for dependents in the event of death or disability.
  • A consideration of the tax consequences of different strategies.
  • The development of appropriate investment strategies for capital and surplus income taking account of client’s attitude to risk and the need for flexibility/ accessibility.

You will therefore benefit from greater clarity about your financial situation, enabling you to make better, more informed decisions.

What to expect from the financial planning process

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Financial planning explained

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