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Financial planning explained

We don’t believe in making things hard to understand so we’ve made our process – and our fee schedule – clear and simple.

At its heart, financial planning is simply about ensuring your finances are built, maintained and preserved in the best possible way so that you can live your life securely and confidently. Of course, there is a lot of work that goes into achieving that behind the scenes, but that’s where our expertise and our hand in hand approach comes in.

This is how it works.

Step 1

Initial Conversation

It all starts with a conversation to see if what you’re looking for is something we can likely help with. To book this call please contact us on 01204 565306

Fee: There is no cost for this stage, it’s at our expense.


Step 2

Discovery meeting

If you feel like we might be people who can help you and we believe our services match your requirements, then we’ll set up a “Discovery” meeting where we can gain a more detailed understanding of your objectives and your current financial situation. At this meeting, we’ll ask you about your income and expenditure, your current financial arrangements and your vision for the future. We’ll also take this opportunity to establish your appetite to, and tolerance for, risk. Gaining this information allows us to put together your personalised financial plan. At the end of this meeting, we’ll tell you what the next steps are, how long things are likely to take, and how much our fee will be for undertaking the work. This meeting can be held at our offices, via video link or on the phone – wherever you are most comfortable.

Fee: There is no cost for this stage, it is at our expense.


Step 3

Building a financial plan

The next step is to get the wheels in motion. We will use the information you gave us to undertake research and analysis into the best possible solutions that take you from where you are now, to where you want to be. As part of this, we engage in cashflow planning. Cashflow planning is explained in more detail here.

We’ll build the results of our research and analysis into an initial financial plan. This important document forms the basis of the roadmap we’ll use going forward. However, it is in many ways, just the starting point. We will present your financial plan to you, along with explanations of how we reached our conclusions on our recommendations and some alternative illustrations for various ‘what if’ scenarios.

Fee: There is no cost for this stage, it is at our expense.


Step 4


If you are happy with our initial plan, we start our implementation phase.  Firstly we make any changes to the plan to fine tune the details.  It is only at this stage, where the plan is implemented that we will charge a fee, which as you would expect from us, has already been agreed with you beforehand.

Initial fee: We charge a one-off initial fee of 1% of your assets under management, with a minimum fee of £1,000. 


Step 5

Ongoing financial planning and investment management

Then, if you choose to keep an ongoing relationship with us, we’ll meet up with you on a regular basis to track your progress and make any edits to your plan that are necessary to keep pace with your life and wider financial and legislative changes.

We encourage our clients to see us as partners for life. That means we’re here whatever happens, whenever you need guidance or advice to ensure you don’t take any financial wrong turns and you continue, unimpeded, on your path to success. Our clients are therefore welcome to call us or email us as often as they need between scheduled meetings.

Ongoing fee: Instead of offering ‘gold’, ‘silver’ and ‘bronze’ ranges like many other financial planners, we believe every client should receive the same outstanding level of service. Our fees are therefore only dependent on the amount of time your particular financial arrangements require from our team.

You may therefore choose from:

Our face-to-face service at a fee of 0.88%, or;

Our digital/remote service at a fee of 0.7% for telephone/video call only.


Our fees


Ongoing fees – what’s included?

  • Regular reviews to ascertain the performance of your investments and to track the progress of your life plan
  • Annual assessment of your attitude to investment risk, capacity for loss and willingness/ability to take risk
  • Assessment of the ongoing suitability of your existing investments and the ongoing tax efficiency of each wrapper. Any changes required will be included in the service
  • Annual assessment of your income and outgoings and future sustainability and affordability
  • Ongoing monitoring of your investments and the performance and suitability
  • Regular reports including reviews of the progress towards your long term goals and strategy, and to make any changes where required
  • Review of your personal tax position, including income tax relief, income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax planning.
  • Annual reassessment of your protection needs
  • Regular newsletters and updates to changes to legislation
  • Introduction to suitable professional connections, such as solicitors or accountants including discounts for Clear Vision Wealth Management clients where this is available
  • Telephone and email support outside of annual review meetings
  • Valuation statements
  • Information for tax returns provided on request
  • Advice and implementation of new monies to existing investments and pensions
  • Investment switch service
  • Detailed cashflow modelling complementing the knowledge you receive from your adviser. Cashflow forecasting enables you to forecast your financial position year by year, combining a number of factors such as expenditure, inflation, investment returns and tax rates. More importantly, it visually helps to bring your money to life, helping to manage your assets, future goals and attitude to investment risk
  • Review of the costs of your platform or SIPP to ascertain whether further savings can be made.

For more information on any aspect of our service or fees, please contact us – we’d be happy to answer your questions.

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