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Planning your finances in retirement has many important benefits. It can help you identify where you could be saving money, or where you could be spending and enjoying your life more instead of unnecessarily holding back.

We can help you feel certain that your wealth will be transferred in the most tax-efficient way possible to those you want to see benefit from it when the time comes, and help you gain peace of mind that your preferences on later life care needs are achievable and affordable.

Ultimately, for many of our clients, working with us means gaining confidence that they have enough in the pot to last for the rest of their life.


How we help

Retirement finances

Retirements are there to be enjoyed! But you will want to be sure that any big plans you have don’t impact your long-term financial comfort. With the help of sophisticated cashflow planning tools, we will tell you what’s affordable and how much money you need to budget to ensure you’re secure in the years to come.

Later life care funding

Later life care funding can be a particularly tricky topic to understand. We will help you understand your options so that you can be prepared with a plan if you should need to fund care. We will help you identify the option that’s right for you and ensure your finances support your preferences.

Estate planning

If you are thinking about your wealth transfer plans, we can offer advice and guidance on how to set up trusts, make a will, and ensure your money goes to those you choose in the most tax-efficient way possible.

Inheritance tax planning

Inheritance tax is often referred to as a “voluntary” tax because, with thoughtful planning and advice from a knowledgeable adviser, it’s possible to reduce and even eradicate the tax burden placed on your loved ones after your death.


What our clients say

"The most important aspect about financial advice? – Somebody to check how realistic my financial goals are, to guide me so that I never run out of money in retirement but just as important, to let me know how much I can spend also."

Theo (Bolton)

What to expect

We don’t believe in making things hard to understand so we’ve made our process – and our fee schedule – clear and simple.

What to expect


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