Meet Alicia

Alicia recently joined the team as a Client Support Manager and she has a broad spectrum of experience, having started off working in fashion within the client team of a fashion brand. From there, she progressed into sales and operations.

For the last two years, before joining our team, Alicia has worked with a wide range of businesses, helping with client and operational tasks to make the running smoother.

What does Alicia enjoy about her job?

Helping clients and the business to achieve everything they need to excel.

Alicia in the spotlight

Where are we most likely to find you when you’re not at work?

Either outside on a walk enjoying the fresh air or with family and friends.


What motivates you?

A job well done.


What does a life well lived look like to you?

Enjoying my work and home life in equal measure.


What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

Helping the business grow.


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We are called Clear Vision Wealth Management because we believe in absolute clarity in everything we do, including our fees. We work with you to create a vision and a plan for your future and we manage your wealth, allowing you to live your best life.

We pride ourselves on our old-fashioned service values and attention to detail when it comes to client care. But we’re far from old-fashioned when it comes to utilising the best that financial technology can offer, providing you with innovative solutions and inspired thinking.

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